50 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For Halloween Night 2024

September hits, and with it – Halloween Fever. Thoughts and preparations for Halloween night begin creeping into everyday life, even if it's still 86 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Daydreams about theme parties, house decorations, and pumpkin carving start overtaking and slowly make their way into our daily planners. Halloween is one of the most beloved holidays, so it's natural to start planning early on. The best part -trying to top off last year's Halloween costume.

Of course, nothing beats pop culture Halloween costumes! Everyone knows it's no easy job, and finding the best outfit takes time and research. Are you going to go as something scary? Or are you a fan of funny costumes? Maybe you want to slip into something sexy for once.

Dressing up as a famous person or your favorite character from film or TV allows you to live life as someone else for a day. Whether you choose to be a famous rich Kardashian or a Disney villain, you'll have lots of fun dressing up, putting on your makeup, and getting people to guess who you are. Some of the best Halloween costumes can hide your face (and we have quite a few of those on our list), leaving the mystery of your identity the talk of the night.

In our list of the best 50 pop culture Halloween costumes of 2021, you'll find fantastic adult costumes for both men and women, featuring 80s Halloween costumes, 90s pop icons all the way through to last month's trends. Don't wait until the last day of October to choose the best outfit! It's right here.

50 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes

1. The Mandalorian

Rubie's Men's Star Wars The Mandalorian Beskar Armor Adult Costume, As Shown,...

One of Star Wars' most beloved franchises – The Mandalorian series, had to make it on our list. Who wouldn't want to dress up as a bounty hunter this Halloween? This outfit features the iconic helmet, and it's paired with a jumpsuit and cape. All you need is a friend to put on a Baby Yoda costume, and you're ready! You can even try to keep your identity a mystery the whole night and keep up with Pedro Pascal’s character.

2. Cruella De Vil Costume

Rogkidha Halloween Girls Costume Movie 2021 Cosplay Sets Halloween Dress Up Outfits...

The recent Cruella remake had many of us thinking about embodying the mischievous devil woman. All you need to complete this outfit is the right kind of black and white wig. Alternatively, you can always use some white hairspray to imitate the hairdo. If you're a dalmatian owner, you can earn bonus popularity points if you bring your dog along this Halloween night!

3. Joe Exotic Halloween Set

One of the most effortless outfits to pull off is Joe Exotic – The Tiger King. This Halloween pop culture costume is one of the cheapest outfits on this list. All you need to do is pair it with a leopard print shirt and  act as laid-back as possible. 

4. Harley Quinn DC Comics Halloween Costume

Rubie's womens Dc Comics Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown,...

Harley Quinn's outfits never seem to get old. With Birds of Prey coming out in 2020 and the new Suicide Squad movie that just came out, the iconic character played by Margot Robbie doesn't seem to get out of style. Just take a look around this Halloween – there's always one Harley Quinn at every party!

5. The Witcher – Geralt of Rivia Halloween Costume

miccostumes Mens Game Witcher Cosplay Costume Outfit (S, Multicolored)

What can I say? Henry Cavill did something right. If you want all eyes on you this Halloween, put on this Witcher outfit, grab two fake swords and try your best to answer laconically with your huskiest voice possible. I'm sure most women in the venue will be at your feet.

6. Wanda Vision Halloween Costume

This Wanda Miximoff outfit is perfect for Halloween, themed parties, and cosplay. Grab a long red wig and a buddy to dress up as Vision and embody this beloved Marvel character. Don't forget to put on the iconic headpiece to complete this fantastic outfit!

7. Lola Bunny Halloween Costume

Cosplay.fm Women's Bunny Cosplay Costume Full outfit with Top Shorts Bunny Ears Tail...

Space Jam: A new Legacy came out this year, and everyone loved Lola Bunny. Her cute basketball outfit can be yours this Halloween. Combine it with a pair of floppy ears, and you will look just like Lola Bunny. The best part is that you can wear this outfit as loungewear at home, even if it's not Halloween!

8. Moana Halloween Costume

Ainiel Halloween Cosplay Costume Skirt Set with Necklace for Women (L)

Moana stole our hearts when it first came out. I don't know about you, butI've still got “How Far I'll Go” stuck in my head.  The outfit features a two-layered fringe skirt, a necklace, a flower, and a top. There are plenty of sizes available, so whether you're buying for a 10-year-old or a 5'10” adult, you'll rock this outfit without a problem! Just remember to memorize a few lyrics from the popular songs, and you're done!

9. Elsa Adult Halloween Costume

Speaking of Disney favorites, the absolute classic has to be princess Elsa. And how can it not be – look at this fabulous costume! I'd wear this dress every day if I could! This Disney princess outfit is glittery from top to bottom and comes with a beautiful sheer cape. It's made from quality material and will be an excellent cosplay addition if you'd like to reuse this outfit. There's honestly nothing negative that you can say about this outfit – just check the raving reviews yourself!

10. Rey Halloween Costume

Deluxe Womens Rey Costume & Belt & Bag Outfit for Halloween Cosplay L

This Rey Halloween costume is a fantastic premium outfit that every Star Wars fan will fall in love with. If you have run out of costume ideas, why not try your luck with a Rey Skywalker. Be a badass this Halloween with this incredible outfit. The outfit comes with tan/beige pants, so if you want to be as close to the original outfit you might need to find some grey pants. Apart from that, I doubt anyone will confuse your identity. May the force be with you this Halloween!

11. Dune’s Paul Atreides Halloween Costume

​​If you haven't heard of Dune, I suggest you head straight to the cinema today. The book that inspired the creation of Star Wars returns to the big screen this fall, and it looks breathtaking. If you want to get ahead of all trends, dressing up as Dune's main character, Paul Atreides, is perhaps the most incredible choice you can make this year. Not to mention, you can bring the outfit along to the movie premiere and look badass!

12. Stranger Things Eleven Halloween Costume

If you're looking for an easy last-minute pop culture outfit, why not try on the Eleven cosplay shirt. 80's outfits and patterns are super trendy right now, so don't feel like you can only wear this shirt on Halloween. If you want to complete the outfit, a black blindfold and straps should do the trick. I'd add a trickle of blood dripping from my nose to embody the Eleven look fully. 

13. Morticia Addams

GIKING Women Halloween Morticia Costume Off Shoulder Addams Family Costume Floor...

Is there a woman sexier or scarier than Morticia Addams? I hardly doubt it. That's why we couldn't help but feature Morticia in one of our lists for the second time. That's right, this classic outfit is also listed in our sexy Halloween costumes for women’s review. It is also straightforward to pull off. Just slip into the gorgeous velvety dress, put on some red lipstick,  get yourself a black wig, and you're done!

14. Exercise Barbie Halloween Costume

Rubie's Women's Deluxe Adult Exercise Barbie Costume, Medium, As Shown

If you like to add a bit of comedy to your Halloween evening, what better opportunity to dress up as Exercise Barbie? The costume is absolutely hilarious, and all the little girls will love it! If you're going as a pair, why not find your very own Ken and go as a duo? If you enjoy funny Halloween costumes, why not check our review of the best funny Halloween costumes

15. Mean Girls Halloween Bunny Costume

Rubie's womens Mean Girls Regina George Halloween Outfit Adult Sized Costumes, As...

Put your mean hat on and try to embody a Mean Girl fully. That's right. I found the perfect Reginа George from Mean Girls outfit! This is an officially licensed Mean Girls outfit, and it comes with the cutest pair of bunny ears! It looks exactly like the outfit from the film, so kudos to the designers that managed to recreate the look so well!

16. Cher From Clueless Halloween Costume

Clueless Cher Costume Kit - Women Standard Size, Yellow - 1 Set

Speaking of flawless blondes, is there anyone more iconic than Cher from Clueless? This is a great 90s pop culture Halloween outfit that includes the trendy checkered plaid skirt and top. It even comes with the pink fuzzy pen that we see Cher use in the film. Isn't that adorable?

17. Gossip Girl Serena van der Woodsen Prep School Halloween Outfit

Dreamgirl Adult Womens Schoolgirl Costume, Prep School Halloween Costume - Medium

Hello, upper east siders! It's Gossip Girl here, your only source of sassy rich TV blondies costumes. This Serena van der Woodsen prep school girl outfit looks exactly like it came out from the show. Adopt a New York IT girl attitude, and you'll ace this look! You know you love me. Xo Xo Gossip Girl.

18. Toy Story's Woody Adult Halloween Costume

Disguise Men's Disney Pixar Toy Story and Beyond Woody Classic Costume,...

Enough with the gorgeous blondes. It’s time we take a look at some Halloween costumes for men. Put on your cowboy boots because you'll love this outfit. Disguise yourself this Halloween as one of the most beloved Pixar animated characters – Woody! Grab a friend and go as a pair if you want – you can make this a duo outfit if you get a Buzz Lightyear costume!

19. Breaking Bad Halloween Costume

Breaking Bad Costume

Growing a goatee in advance may take some time, but it will be worth it once you check out this outfit. This Breaking Bad Halloween costume is practically a simple hazmat suit with a latex mask, just like in the TV series! It even includes a pair of rubber gloves. You can buy two and grab a friend – that way. You can pretend to be up to mischiefs like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman! 

20. IT Scary Halloween Costume

Rubie's Adult It the Movie Pennywise Deluxe Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown, Standard...

There's nothing like scaring the heart out of someone on Halloween. The easiest way to do that is a clown suit. The most efficient way to do it? An IT clown suit. I don't know about you, but I'm getting goosebumps just looking at that creepy smile! If you're a firm believer that Halloween costumes should be scary, and yet you still want to wear a popular Halloween costume this year, Stephen King's IT costume is the right match for you!

21. Kill Bill Halloween Costume

Fun Costumes Adult Kill Bill Halloween, Women's Beatrix Kiddo Kung-Fu Outfit

Are you a Tarantino fan looking for a creative pop culture Halloween outfit? The officially licensed Kill Bill outfit is mind-blowingly similar to the movie original. Reviewers love the durability and quality of the material, and it doesn't seem cheap or easy to rip. The elastic waistband is stretchy and very form-fitting. This outfit will make you feel confident enough to take on the entire Crazy 88 gang on your own!

22. Minions Adult Inflatable Halloween Costume

Rubie's womens Minions Rise of Gru Inflatable Minion Adult Sized Costumes, As Shown,...

Who said minions have to be mini? Get yourself an adult-sized inflatable Halloween costume this year, and try going as one of Felonious GRU's adorable little helpers! This outfit is excellent at keeping your identity hidden, and you will 100% be the most popular around kids! If you want to browse more inflatable costumes, check out our review of the best inflatable Halloween costumes! 

23. Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Halloween Costume

Fun Costumes Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok for Men Adult Vikings Large

You will love this Vikings costume. It's made by fans for fans, so expect excellent quality and authenticity from this costume. This comfortable Ragnar Lothbrok Halloween costume is fantastic, the tunic is battle-ready, and it even has embossed faux leather sections. Complete the look with some fake blood smeared across your face, and you'll successfully frighten anyone at the Halloween party!

24. Loki Halloween Costume

Are you a Tom Hiddleston fan? Are you looking for a true-to-life Loki costume? You're definitely on the right track. This premium Loki costume for men is the spitting image of the TV series costume! There are three different Loki uniforms to choose from, but the most detailed one has to be the “Green Men's” outfit. There is also a blue version, but in my opinion, nothing beats the classic green costume. 

25. Morty Halloween Costume

Palamon Adult Rick and Morty Rick Scientist Costume Size Small Blue

Are you looking for a current pop-culture Halloween outfit? Why not dress up as an animated character this Halloween? What better character to choose than the always sarcastic uncle from the Rick and Morty animation? One of the most convenient things about outfits like this is the shoes. It looks complete with pretty much any shoes you have. You also get a super fun mask to complete the look. Just don't forget to add an occasional burp from time to time!

26. Voldemort Halloween Costume

Disguise mens Voldemort Costume, Official Harry Potter Wizarding World Robe and Mask...

Have you heard the third prophecy? He-who-must-not-be-named returns this Halloween to seek revenge on Harry Potter. You know who. That's right. You can embody one of the scariest fantasy villains this Halloween by turning into Lord Voldemort! If you want to give a few people a scare, this costume ought to do it!

27. The Dark Knight Batman Halloween Costume

The Dark Knight Batman Deluxe Muscle Chest Costume, Black, Medium

Is there a better Halloween classic pop culture costume than that of Batman himself? This Dark Night-inspired piece will be the hit of the party and pairs well with a Catwoman lady by your side! Or grab a friend and go as the Joker and Batman instead? Either way, even if you decide to take this outfit for a walk on its own, it will look fantastic!

28. Grease T-Birds Costume

Rubie's mens Grease, T-birds Jacket Adult Sized Costume, As Shown, Standard US

Why not put on an absolute classic and try out a late 70s costume? I'm talking about a Grease-inspired outfit, of course! Why not go as a member of the T-birds. This fantastic jacket with the T-Birds slogan is ideal for anyone who wants to rock a Grease look. All you need is some gel in your hair, and you're set! 

29. Mrs. Incredible Halloween Costume

Disguise Women's Mrs. Incredible Classic Adult Costume, Red, M (8-10)

Who would say no to becoming incredible at any point of the year, let alone Halloween? Become Mrs. Incredible with this fantastic one-piece outfit. The product also includes a mask and belt and fits many different body shapes and sizes. It's an excellent choice if you're planning a trio outfit with your friends or family. If you want to browse more trio Halloween costumes, check out our list of the best trio costumes for Halloween!

30. Gandalf Halloween Costume

Rubies Men's The Hobbit Gandalf Costume, Standard , Gray

Dressing up as a witch or wizard has to be the biggest Halloween classic. But how do you make it a popular costume? You dress up as Gandalf, of course! This outfit includes the robe, hat, and belt, but bear in mind you'll have to find your very own convincing Gandalf beard because it's not included in the purchase. The best part is you can't go wrong with the shoes – the robe covers most of your feet, so you don't need to go on a hunt for the most convincing Gandalf shoes. 

31. Beetlejuice Halloween Costume

Beetlejuice Deluxe Costume, Black/White, X-Large

​​You can dress up as the mischievous ghost Beetlejuice and impress your friends with one of the most exciting and creative pop culture Halloween costumes! This deluxe costume is made of matte woven fabric that resembles suit-type material. The jacket has a single button closure. This Beetlejuice costume offers XL sizes, so if you're looking for a plus-size men's Halloween costume, it will work wonders for you. Since this costume doesn't come with the wig or makeup, you can also use the suit next year and dress up as Gomez Addams without buying a separate costume for that!

32. Shrek’s Fiona Halloween Costume

Sanctuarie Designs Plus Size Fiona Halloween Costume Dress Ears Crown 3pc Basic Kit...

Are you a fan of Shrek? Then You'll love this Fiona Halloween costume! You won't have to paint your face green unless you want to! You can still pretend to be an ogre with the ogre ear diadem. The small tiara is adorable, but nothing beats the beautiful emerald-green dress! It's made of velvety material, and it has a golden belt. You can even machine wash it, which is rare with Halloween costumes!

33. Coraline Halloween Costume

Fun Costumes Coraline Costume for Adults Women's Coraline Rain Jacket Outfit

There's no typo in the title. Yes, it's cOraline, not cAroline. I know what I wrote. And you would, too, if you have seen the amazing Leica stop motion animation. Dress up as the protagonist of this chilling adventure this Halloween! This costume includes the signature Coraline blue wig, yellow raincoat, boot covers, and dragonfly pin! You'll love the details on this outfit!

34. The Grady Twins The Shining Halloween Costume

The Shining Grady Twins Adult Costume Dress - X-Large

All the hardcore Kubrik fans will love this outfit. Grab a friend and scare the life out of someone this Halloween by dressing up as the Grady Twins from The Shining! All you need to complete this outfit is the right makeup – put some black eyeshadow on, smear it a little to create a smokey effect, splash some fake blood here and there, and you're ready to go! 

35. Disney’s Belle Adult Halloween Costume

Belle Costume, Official Disney Beauty and the Beast Costume Outfit with Bow, Adult...

Disney fans will love this Belle Halloween costume! This is a simple yet elegant popular women’s costume. The bow comes with an alligator clip, so you don't have to be a hairstyling pro to put it on. Grab your favorite fairy tale book and bring it with you to the party – everyone knows Belle loves to read! A few curls with a curling iron, and you're all set!

36. Deadpool Adult Men’s Halloween Costume

This is one of the coolest Deadpool costumes you'll come across. Not only is it one of the most popular Halloween costumes for adults, but it also comes with two masks! The inner mask has printed graphics that make it look like you have scarred and burnt skin, just like the character! 

37. Game of Thrones Daenerys Halloween Costume

miccostumes Women's Costume Queen Cosplay Evening Dress Halloween (S)

Are you looking for a scary costume? Is there anything more terrifying than dressing up as the world’s biggest disappointment for Halloween? I'm talking about Daenerys, of course. Still, all criticism aside, Daenerys was a pretty badass and, for a long time – a beloved character, so much so that a boom of Daenerys baby names peaked in 2018. If you want to feel like a Khaleesi for Halloween, the beautiful navy-blue dress will have all eyes on you! 

38. Buffy The Vampire Slayer Halloween Costume

Women's Buffy the Vampire Slayer Costume Medium

If you're looking to dress up as a 90's icon, why not try wearing a Buffy The Vampire Slayer Halloween costume? Pрotect the streets of Sunnydale this Halloween eve with the 10-inch foam stake included in the bundle! The outfit also comes with a faux leather jacket and vinyl pants with an elastic waist. You are the chosen one!

39. Jon Snow Halloween Costume

Oya Costumes - Jon Snow Costume - Game of Thrones| Cosplay, Halloween, Theme Party...

Everyone loves Jon Snow. Who wouldn't want to turn into the rightful king of Westeros for Halloween? This pop culture costume is pretty convincing – it comes with a full-length faux suede cape and a luxurious faux fur collar. The outfit looks amazing and fits various weights. 

40. Star Trek Captain Kirk Halloween Costume

Rubie's Men's Star Trek Into Darkness, Deluxe Captain Kirk Shirt with Emblem Costume,...

This Star Trek Into Darkness Captain Kirk costume is of fantastic quality. The long sleeve shirt has an embroidered star fleet emblem and comes in a lovely mustard yellow color, as seen on the image. This Star Trek costume is super easy to pull off and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

41. Jack Skellington Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

Jack Skellington Adult Halloween Costume, XL

Here's another creepy Halloween costume! You can embody Jack Skellington himself – The Pumpkin King! The costume comes with a mask, ascot, bowtie, and jacket! With it, you will be the Prince of Halloween!

42. Sally Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

Disguise womens The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally adult sized costumes, Multi,...

The classic Sally Halloween costume has been leveled up! It's a lot more colorful than the washed-out version we see in the film. The kit includes glovettes, a character wig, a patchwork dress, and a petticoat. It's an absolute hit with couples, but you can also rock it on your own! 

43. Sleepy Hollow Katrina Van Tassel Halloween Costume

Sleepy Cosplay Hollow Katrina Van Tassel Costume Dress Black and White Striped Dress...

Since we're on a Tim Burton wave, we couldn't help but include Sleepy Hollow's Katrina Van Tassel dress! If you're a Halloween fan or a fan of scary movies, you have 100% come across this fantastic film with Johnny Depp. You can repurpose this dress and use it for medieval fairs, weddings, cosplay, theme parties, and more! 

44. Corpse Bride Halloween Costume

fun shack Corpse Bride Costume Women, Scary Bride Costume Women, Zombie Bride Dress,...

We can't talk about Tim Burton characters without including a corpse bride, of course! Even though this is not 100% accurate to the film's costume, you can still scare someone to death with this outfit! Add some fake blood, change your skin tone, and voilá- you're now a zombie bride! 

45. The Joker Halloween Costume

Batman The Dark Knight Joker Deluxe Costume, Purple, X-Large

An absolute classic pop culture Halloween costume is The Joker, especially after the film came out last year. What's not to like? The excellent suit and tie?  The pinstripe pants? The overhead mask that saves you from the trouble of smearing makeup all over your face? Sure it's fun, but not when you have to clean it for an hour before you go to bed!

46. Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the West Halloween Costume

Rubie's womens Wizard of Oz 75th Anniversary Edition Adult Wicked Witch the West...

No Halloween feels complete without a witch in the gang. When it comes to choosing a pop culture witch, there's no one more wicked than the Evil Witch of the West! This fantastic costume comes with a hat and an attached cape. The dress has mutton sleeves and a flying monkey accent at the bottom. Show your true colors this Hallows' Eve!

47. Winifred Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume

Spirit Halloween Hocus Pocus Adult Winifred Sanderson Costume | Officially Licensed |...

Speaking of wicked witches, why not try something different, like dressing up as one of the Sanderson sisters, for example? This amazingly detailed Winifred outfit truly sparks some magic! Grab yourself a cauldron and start stirring!

48. Breakfast At Tiffany’s Halloween Costume

amscan Womens Breakfast at Tiffany's Holly Golightly Costume Set, Small (2-4)- 4 pcs.

Let me take you back to the 60s. This popular women's costume will make you feel like you've come straight out of Breakfast At Tiffany's. More precisely, it will make you feel like you're Tiffany herself! The costume features elegant 3/4 length gloves that pair amazingly with the black cocktail dress, a tiara, and a cigarette holder to complete the look!

49. Scream Halloween Costume

Fun World Costumes Adult Scream Costume, Black, One Size

When we think of Halloween costumes, one of the most popular outfits has to be the frightening Scream. Over the years, it has started to have a comedic effect on some of us, so you can even consider it a funny Halloween costume in a way. It's dead easy to pull off (get it – dead). All you have to do is put on the black robe, the mask, grab a fake knife, and you're done!

50. Stitch From Lilo and Stitch Halloween Costume

HALLOWITCH Lilo and Stitch Onesie Costume Kigurumi for Adult Women and Men. L

We're ending our top 50 costumes on a brighter note. An extraordinarily adorable and comfortable costume that also fits pregnant ladies, men, and women. The Stitch onesie is great for Halloween, but not exclusively – you can wear it at home when you're chilling. It's super easy to pull off, requires no additional makeup or masks, and the kids love it!

Before you go…

..we wanted to wish you a spooky Halloween and happy shopping! If you want to check out similar content, visit one of our related articles: the best Fortnite Halloween costumes or the top funny Halloween costumes!

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