The Most Terrifying Zombie Makeup For Halloween 2024

Halloween is right around the corner, and with that, you must be thinking about your costume and makeup for the evening. If you’re a fan of scary makeup and costumes like me, you’re probably on a hunt to find the best spooky look. So let me propose an option for October 31st: scary zombie makeup!

The beauty of zombie makeup is that it doesn’t have to be bloody and gory unless you want it to be. We have included a few very spooky zombie makeup tutorials that can showcase your beauty while at the same time providing the right kind of creepy look. And for those who really want to go extra and scare the life out of someone, there are plenty of realistic zombie makeup tutorials, too! 

I even went so far as to include a few zombie makeup kits that have everything you will need to bring out your villainous side. If you disagree that zombies are a fantastic (and terrifying) choice for your Halloween look, let me try and convince you otherwise.

Why Zombies?

You probably know zombies from the iconic film “Night of the Living Dead” or a more contemporary take on the zombie myth – the TV show “The Walking Dead.” But do you know where the idea of zombies first came to fruition?

Zombies have been around a lot longer than you might think. They date all the way back to 17th century Haiti, which was then a slave destination for Africa. The myth about zombies originated from a heartbreaking story that tried to prevent suicide amongst slaves and stated that those who attempted to take their own life, would be forced to work for eternity in the afterlife. 

A famous journalist, William Seabrook, visited Haiti and published his book “The Magic Island” in 1929, in which he first introduced the world to the term “zombie”: “the zombie, they say, is a soulless human corpse, still dead, but taken from the grave and endowed by sorcery with a mechanical semblance of life”. 

In ancient Haitian folklore, zombies are always controlled by a shaman, called “bokor,” who uses them to fulfill his needs and desires. 

After the financial success of “Dracula” and “Frankenstein,” it made sense that zombies would become the next Hollywood monster sensation. The first time the zombie myth hit American pop culture was in 1932 when the film “White Zombie” by Victor Halperin first came out. It is all about a voodoo sorcerer who successfully summons a white guy back from life and later becomes a living undead monster. I suggest you add that to your list of creepy Halloween movies if you haven’t watched it yet.

After that, many zombie movies started coming out, but none of them had the impact that this zombie classic did. “Night of the Living Dead” came out in 1968 and was inspired by the original Richard Matheson story. If you end up watching “Night of the Living Dead,” you’ll notice no one actually refers to the monsters as “zombies”; instead, they call them “ghouls.” The undead in this film, for the first time, aren’t subject to a voodoo master. They aren’t slaves either. They seek only one thing – the living. 

Later on, in 2003, two writers – Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore teamed up to create a comic book story about zombies titled “The Walking Dead” that included the now popular trope of surviving a zombie apocalypse. 

Zombies and horror stories, in general, are a safe way to get in contact with fear and anxiety in a controlled environment. We love them because they allow us to escape from our daily lives and routine. In a way, they are a form of escapism, letting us fantasize about a different world, where survival and wit are a top priority. 

These days, zombies are everywhere. We watch them on Netflix. We even try to embody them on Halloween. They are part of our history, a firmly established horror trope that never goes out of style.

People often go for the zombie Halloween costume because it’s easy and cheap to pull off. You can grab an old T-shirt, splash some fake blood over it, rip it here and there, stain it and complete your look with some easy-peasy zombie makeup. 

Nowadays, there are so many tutorials on zombie Halloween makeup all over YouTube, and you hardly have an excuse to pass on the opportunity. All you need is the right set of makeup and to follow the instructions closely, and you’ll be all set. Just don’t forget to take a before and after shot of your spooky look!

Zombie Makeup Tutorials

1. Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial! by Kelly Nelson


If you’re looking for a last-minute costume and makeup idea, Kelly Nelson will introduce you to some of the most realistic-looking zombie makeup. Just grab yourself some coagulated blood gel, some stage blood, and liquid latex (you can find all of them on Amazon), and you’ll look terrifying in no time at all!

2. Easy Zombie Halloween Makeup From Mellissa Allatore


If you’re a novice makeup artist, you might be looking for an easy zombie makeup tutorial to start with. This tutorial done by Mellissa Allatore primarily uses makeup you probably have laying around and just a dash of fake blood. It’s not too gory either, despite the small amount of fake blood.  

3. The Walking Dead Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial By Karolina Maria


Are you looking for horrifying and gruesome Halloween zombie makeup? Do you want to shock people the second they look at you? If you’re wondering how to apply Halloween makeup, this The Walking Dead zombie Halloween makeup tutorial explains each step very well. Despite it being complex, you’ll get the hang of it super quickly with Karolina’s guidance. You also get to use some fun household items to create your look, like oats and tissues, which I would never have guessed could be applied looking at the final result!

4. Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial For Men By Shonagh Scott


Halloween makeup ideas for men are scarce, so we thought it’s only fair if we include a few tutorials for men as well. That way, if you’re wondering how to do zombie makeup for Halloween, you’ll be in safe hands with this video by Shonagh Scott! He thoroughly lists all the materials you’ll need, including the makeup brushes. Don’t forget you can always grab a friend and have them do it for you if you feel like you can’t handle the mystery of makeup!

5. Zombie Vain Halloween Makeup Tutorial By Shaanxo


In case you’re not into gore or fake blood and you don’t want to give your face a total makeover, you can go for Halloween dead makeup by Shaanxo. The zombie vain Halloween makeup tutorial is dead easy (pun intended). The result is a delicate and spooky look, which you can transfer to other parts of your body like the hands and neck. You’ll need cream eyeliner and a really tiny brush, which you can find listed in the video’s description! 

6. Glitter Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial By ASH LEVI


Zombie faces for Halloween don’t always have to scare you to death. This right here is another simple tutorial for those looking for a pretty but spooky look without the need for blood. If this is what you want to try this year, the glitter zombie makeup tutorial by Ash Levi will be right up your street. If you’re like me and you’re obsessed with glitter, you probably look for any available occasion to put it on. Another thing people probably neglect is the role that hair plays in this tutorial. Without the interesting ombre hair, you might not achieve the same spooktastic look, so consider getting a wig for this look!

7. Zombie Bride Halloween Makeup Tutorial by Aleena Averly


I don’t know about you but cosplaying a creepy movie character is perhaps my favorite way to celebrate Halloween. Can you think of another zombie lady as famous as Tim Burton’s zombie bride? This zombie bride makeup by Aleena Averly is super easy to do, and it will make you look like a zombie bride clone!

8. Zombie Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorial By Michelle Phan


If you’re trying to play it edgy this Halloween, you can try out the zombie barbie look! All you’ll need is some tissue paper, liquid latex, and a pink makeup palette, and you’re ready to start! Michelle Phan does a fantastic job at explaining how to apply Halloween makeup, so don’t worry – it’s less complicated than you might think!

9. Zombie Bite Makeup Tutorial by Madeyewlook


Everyone knows zombies are after some scrumptious human flesh. But what happens if they bite you? This amazing makeup tutorial by Madeyewlook features a life-like zombie bite so that you can walk around like an infected zombie this Halloween. You’ll also notice that MAdeyewlook uses an alcohol-based palette that gives the effect of being underneath your skin!

10. Graveyard Zombie Halloween Makeup Tutorial By RawBeautyKristi


Of course, nothing beats the undead zombie coming out from the grave to haunt you! This zombie makeup DIY tutorial by RawBeautyKristi is pretty complex, so if you want to try out unforgettable zombie makeup this year, you've got yourself a challenge. Zombie faces for Halloween can be so different, you are guaranteed to have your unique take on the look!

DIY Zombie Makeup with Household Items? Why not?

If you watch some of the tutorials on our list, you’ll notice people often use common household items for their Halloween zombie makeup ideas. If you’re looking for a simple zombie makeup DIY, here’s what you’ll need:

Fake blood – it isn’t Halloween without some fake blood! You can easily make your own instead of spending a fortune on a 3 oz bottle. Just mix in some maple syrup and red food coloring and stir very well, and you’ve got yourself some convincing and delicious fake blood! If you want to make it even more realistic, add a tiny bit of blue in the mix so it looks a little darker. 

Foundation – if you have a lighter foundation, you can easily make your skin Addams-family-pale. I recommend you start by applying some primer – Halloween makeup can be stressful on your skin, so put a light cream base and start applying the foundation and makeup afterward. 

Liquid latex – can be expensive. Instead, try a mix of glue from a glue stick blended with the foundation. Not all of us have liquid latex lying around the house, so this is a great replacement! You can use a spatula and your finger to manipulate the mixture and spread it around the face to create a dry texture, mimicking zombie skin. 

Tissues and oats – you can stick some tissue or oats onto the glue mixture to create a convincing rotting skin texture. Cover it with a blend of foundation and fake blood to make it look life-like. Sorry, I meant zombie-like. 

Lipstick and Contour – lipstick can be an excellent replacement for blood, too. You can sculpt a small hole in the skin using the fake liquid latex and fill it in with some bright red lipstick to imitate a wound. Try a matte lipstick so the wound doesn’t look creamy and wet. Next, add some dark brown contour. The contrast between the light foundation and the dark contour will make your face look dead and creepy. You can do the same on the eyes and eye sockets using dark eyeshadow. 

That’s practically it! All you need to complete the process is a little bit of imagination and a set of clothes you don’t care for anymore. Rip them, wrinkle them, cover them in dirt. Congratulations, you are ready to join the living dead for a night!

Zombie Makeup Kits for Your Perfect Halloween Look

I’m not saying you can’t do zombie makeup without a zombie makeup kit, but it will make your life so much easier if you just grab one! I have listed three makeup kits suitable for both men and women, which won’t break your bank! 

  • Liquid Latex for a rotting skin effect
  • Bloody scab for severe wounds
  • Tattoos and Teeth may vary from image

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This zombie makeup kit for men and women includes everything you’d need to look creepy this Halloween! A few fake wounds, some liquid latex for a rotting skin effect, a pair of fake teeth as well as makeup and a sponge so you can do a convincing transition between your human skin and rotting zombie flesh!

  1. Fun World – Zombie Makeup Kit
  • Product Type :Cosmetic Brush
  • Package Dimensions :2.032 Cm L X22.225 Cm W X25.908 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :China

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Another very affordable zombie makeup kit is currently on offer on Amazon, so make sure you check it out! You’ll have all the tools needed to create bloody scabs and rotting skin with a dimensional effect. There are also three fake blood capsules, so you can take your zombie experimentation one step further!

  1. EastPin Halloween Makeup
  • EastPin Halloween Makeup Kit is a complete kit with everything you need for almost any look on Halloween: 8 Face Paint Palette, 6 Crayon for Kids,...
  • Easy to Apply and Remove - The face paints of EastPin Halloween makeup kit are water activated and works the same way as watercolor paints. Add a few...
  • Safe and Gentle for Sensitive Skin - EastPin zombie makeup kit uses water activated face paint colors, safe fake blood,etc, are suitable for every kid...

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The last makeup kit on our list features a face pain palette, fake blood, a temporary hair color in blue and lots of colors to choose from! You can also use this kit’s stencils to add some spooky images to your makeup. I recommend this makeup kit for kids or for the whole family!

Want More Halloween Ideas?

We’ve got you covered. We did our research and have more tutorials on scary makeup waiting to be picked. Here are a few useful links that will get you inspired for Halloween 2021:

Clown makeup – nothing terrifies me more than clowns! If you want to make a convincing clown for Halloween and scare the life out of some people, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in the tutorials! Pair that with a funny halloween costume from our list and you’re ready to go!

Fox eye makeup – clowns aren’t everyone's cup of tea. After all, some of us like to go for a sexy Halloween look. Especially if you’ve selected a sexy Halloween costume for women from our special list!

Of course, you might have a totally different idea for your costume. You might want to go as your favorite game character like those that can be seen on 먹튀검증사이트. We prepared some amazing Fortnite halloween costumes for you to look at! Or perhaps you’re someone that can’t be bothered to go full on this year.

If you're tired of finding the right wig, makeup, costume, and shoes for this spooky season, you might be pleased to know there are costumes that take 30 seconds to put on and require zero preparation. I’m talking about inflatable halloween costumes of course! They’re perfect for a lazy Halloween. 

I hope you enjoyed these zombie Hallwoeen makeup tutorials! I hope you have a terrifying time on October 31st!

Best Selling Zombie Makeup

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