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30 Trio Halloween Costumes For Adults & Kids

Ah, Halloween, the most wonderful time of the year. Well, maybe after Christmas. We all know what’s so unique and amazing about Halloween – you get to dress in funny and sexy outfits or pretty much in any outfit you wish. Want to be your favorite movie character for a night? Want to make people laugh at the Halloween party? There are Halloween costumes for everyone!

Halloween allows you to express yourself and show off your favorite charter, creature, or everyday item without being judged. That's why everyone loves this holiday – it's the one day of the year where you are allowed to set aside all your worries and just have fun.

Even so, picking the right costume can be a difficult task. There are many options you can choose from which makes the process pretty annoying. And no one says that you have to dress up alone either, you can grab your best friends or your spouse and kid and go to the party as Lewis, Clark, and their canoe or The Lady and The Tramp, and their ball of spaghetti. Ok, maybe those are not the best examples, but at least they worked for the characters in “How I Met Your Mother”. But is there a reason to dress up with group Halloween costumes? Absolutely! It's fun, and you get to showcase your friendship to the whole world — or you know at the very least your neighborhood.

You don't even have to worry about finding trio Halloween costumes, I did that for you. Now all you have to do is pick your favorite, and don't worry they will be much better than the ones above. So let's see if any iconic trios soothe your interests.

Iconic Trios To Draw Inspiration From

There are so many famous trios costumes out there that it can get exhausting just trying to decide what you and your friends would like. In times such as these, I like to look back on my childhood for inspiration.

  1. Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network) 
Powerpuff Girls (Cartoon Network)


This right here is what I would consider my childhood. The three sisters are powerful superheroes that defend the city of Townsville. Show your appreciation for girl power with this iconic trio and watch as every 90's kid falls back in nostalgic bliss.

  1. Han, Leia, Luke (Star Wars)
Han, Leia, Luke (Star Wars)


Speaking of nostalgic bliss, it doesn't get more so than the original Star Wars trio. Now, Ray, Finn, and Poe have their charm, but nothing beats the classic. No matter who you are, if you are a Star Wars fan, you will enjoy dressing up as the most iconic trio there is. Oh, and Han shot first.

  1. Winnie, Sarah, Mary (Hocus Pocus)
Winnie, Sarah, Mary (Hocus Pocus)


Moving from the most iconic trio ever to something more obscure and unique. This costume idea is perfect for Halloween because the movie itself takes place during the day of the dead. In a sense, it's sort of meta.

  1. Harry, Ron, Hermione (Harry Potter)
Harry, Ron, Hermione (Harry Potter)


Who hasn't dreamed of receiving a letter from Hogwarts? Well, maybe you can't be a full-on wizard but at least you can dress up as one, and what's more fun than that?

  1. Charlie’s Angels
Charlie’s Angels


Not into wizards? No problem. Dressing up as a secret agent can be just as fun. There isn't a better agent trio than the three badass women who save the world. 

  1. Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots
Shrek, Donkey, Puss in Boots


If you are looking for unique trio Halloween costumes, it doesn't get better than this band of misfits. Not only would it be extremely fun to dress up as the characters from Shrek, but you will also get to embrace the memes.

30 Trio Halloween Costumes for the Entire Family

Trio Halloween Costumes for Men & Women

1. Rock, Paper & Scissors

Rock Paper Scissors Halloween Costume Group Pack - Funny One-Size Adult Outfits

Let's rock with the strangest game ever. If you are looking for iconic trios it doesn't get more recognizable than rock, paper, scissors. The costume is perfect for a group of friends who want to show off their personalities. The hard rock, the sharp scissors, and the practical paper are personalities that you will find in any group of three.

2. Brush Your Teeth Costume

Brush Your Teeth Group Halloween Costume - Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Tooth Outfits

Are you a fan of brushing your teeth? I mean, who isn't? This group of 3 Halloween costumes will show everyone that you are living a healthy lifestyle. Well, either that or you are a dental student, which thinking about it is way more likely. After all, why not let the career that is consuming your student life take over during the holidays as well.

3. S'Mores Costume

Adult S'Mores Costume Standard

If you and your friends prefer eating sweets, we have the perfect trio Halloween costume for you. Chocolate, marshmallow, and a cracker — it doesn't get better than that. Show everyone that you and your friends are just like a S'More, always sticking together.

4. Three Little Pigs

Inflatable Pig Costume Christmas Costumes Fancy Dress Masquerade Funny Cosplay Party...

You know, pigs are underrated. They are one of the smartest animals on earth and can even play video games. Show everyone how underrated you and your friends feel with these famous trios costumes. Well, either that or you really like the three little piggies story.  This inflatable costume is not only really well made but also really funny. As long as you don't wind up eating the S'More guys.

5. Tequila, Lime & Salt

Hauntlook Tequila, Lime & Salt Group Halloween Costume - Funny Fruit Food Suits

You and your friends are not really into chocolate? Not even pigs? Well, maybe you are a different kind of animal – one that loves to party. Show of your love for alcohol with the best drink there is… Tequila. The funniest group costume ideas are the ones that hit the core of your friend dynamic and nothing does that better than alcohol.

6. Snack Attack Group Halloween Costume

Snack Attack Group Halloween Costume - Vending Machine, Prungles, Hot Cheesies

Nothing says “I'm drunk and I need a break,” like junk food. This is just one idea for a post-hangover costume, you can swap any of these with tortilla chips, tacos, or even ice cream. Everybody knows that junk food is the cure for a bad hangover and now you can rub that in your alcohol-loving friends' faces.

7. Taco with Chips & Salsa

Taco with Chips & Salsa Halloween Group Costume - Funny Food Outfits Unisex

Speaking of junk food, it doesn't get more delicious than tacos with chips & salsa. If you are having a themed party or Halloween costumes competition for three, this is one of the best choices you can go for. It’s absolutely hilarious!

8. Cake, Ice Cream & Cupcake

Cake, Ice Cream & Cupcake Group Costume - Cute Junk Food Halloween Outfits

Food-related Halloween costumes can’t get better than this one. Cake, Ice cream, and Cupcake is a great choice if you and your friends have a sweet tooth or you simply want to show that you guys are really fun and likeminded. Just be careful with those Tequila guys!

9. Bob Ross Trio Halloween Costume

80s Painter, Happy Little Painting & Squirrel Friend Halloween Group Costume

I understand that not everyone is a party animal and not everyone is into junk food. Luckily, there is an ocean of trio Halloween costumes out there. So tell me, are you a fan of Bob Ross? Show your calm personality and your love for painting as you dress as the famous painter while making your friends dress as your happy little paintings.

10. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad - Apple, Orange & Grapes Group Costume - Funny Food Halloween Outfit

We talked about alcohol, we talked about junk food, really we have been very unhealthy in this article. So I say, it's time to go on a diet. While there are a lot of trio Halloween costumes for girls, nothing beats the classic Apple, Orange & Grapes. Show the world that you are living a healthier lifestyle than everyone else.

11. BLT Halloween Costume

BLT Bacon Lettuce & Tomato Halloween Group Costume - Friends Outfit Funny Food

Who doesn't love a BLT sandwich? Gather your foodie friends and show off your favorite meal. Maybe you can also grab one or two other friends who can dress as bread slices – the possibilities are endless. Honestly with all the food trio Halloween costumes there are, you can organize a whole-themed party.  Don't tell anyone, but the best foodie costume is this one.

12. Grand Slam Breakfast

Grand Slam Breakfast - Pancakes, Bacon, & Egg Funny Group Halloween Costume

And then there were more. Okay, this is the last foodie one, I promise. As far as group costumes for girls are concerned, this one is pretty straightforward. In fact, you can swap any one of your girl friends for a guy friend, after all, breakfast is for everyone. The sweetest of the group can be the pancakes, the most egg-cited is obviously the egg and the bacon is for Margret.

13. Gaming Controllers

Gaming Controllers Group Halloween Costume - Unisex Video Game Outfits

Gather your nerdy best friends and let nostalgia take over. Dressing up as controllers will show everyone how much you love gaming. You can even combine this costume with Mario and Luigi Halloween outfits and make it a group costume.

14. Superhero Group Halloween Costumes

Superhero Capes for Adults and Masks, 5 Pack Super Hero Capes Costume for Women Men...

Do you love superheroes? They are some of the most popular pop culture icons, but sometimes it can be hard to pick a favorite. So why not become your own hero? Make your friends dress up in a cape and mask and watch as you gain the superpower of partying. This costume is for the inner child inside you!

15. Bowling Alley Buds

Bowling Alley Buds Halloween Group Costumes - Bowling Ball & Pins Unisex Outift

Let's bowl! Going to a sport-themed party and don't know what to wear? Well, technically bowling is considered a sport. Gather your bowling-loving friends and show off your Halloween costumes. I can see this being a really fun idea if bowling is a favorite pastime in your group. Especially if you are having a sport-themed party.

16. Dodgeball Average Joe

Dodgeball Average Joe's Adult Yellow Jersey Costume Set

Speaking of sports, underdog stories are my favorite and I am pretty sure I am not the only one. It doesn't get better than the best Underdog story there is – the movie “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”. Show your appreciation for the movie with this comfortable movie-inspired Halloween costume for three people.

Trio Halloween Costumes for Kids

17. DC Superheroes

Rubie's DC Comics Kids Action Trio Superhero Costume Set

Are your kids fans of superheroes? Well, is there a kid who isn’t? Plus, it's pretty adorable seeing them pretend they are Superman. Dress them up as Superman, Batman, and Robin and watch them as they go save the world, or you know, the neighborhood's candy. These are some of the most iconic trios in the world and all the kids know them. You can't go wrong with the classics, after all.

18. Marvel Avengers

Imagine by Rubie's Marvel Avengers Play Trunk with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk,...

Speaking of iconic superheroes, there is of course Marvel. Who doesn't love great characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Black Panther? From kids to adults everyone wants to dress up as Marvel heroes. The costumes are fun to wear and your kids could pretend to have battles with aliens.

19. Disney Princess

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk Deluxe 21 Piece [Amazon Exclusive]

Princesses are just as cool as superheroes. As far as group girl costumes go, these are very high quality, not to mention adorable. Dress up your girls in the costume of their favorite Disney princess and watch as they collect all the candy from the neighborhood.

20. Batgirl & Supergirl & Wonder Woman

Action Trio Costume Set

Your girls are not into princesses? Why not give them their favorite superheroes? Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman are up there in terms of iconic trios. There isn't a child in the world who doesn't know how badass these women are. I know if I was a kid and I dressed up as my role model I would feel way more confident.

21. First Responders

Born Toys Premium 16pcs Costume Dress up set for kids ages 3-7 fireman,police...

Superheroes are great and all, but there are people out there whose job it is to be a hero. Every kid has dreamed about becoming a firefighter, police officer, or doctor and now that dream could partially come true. 

22. Gardener, Chef, Construction Worker

Born Toys Premium 27 Piece Dress Up Clothes for Kids 3-7 Construction Worker with...

Not every kid wants to become a first responder, some would love a calmer job such as a Gardener or a much more stressful one like a Chef. Let your kids express their dream career with these trio Halloween costumes. There is something for everyone, from the kid that loves to build to the one that cooks.

23. Scientist, Explorer & Gardener

Born Toys Dress Up & Pretend Play 3-in-1 Premium Kids Costumes Set - Washable Kids...

For the kids who don't really build or cook, there are plenty of other exciting jobs. Let kids play pretend as one explores the world, another discovers new physics, and the third loves plants. No child is the same and with this family costume for 3, they will be able to express themselves.

24. Star Wars Iconic Trios

Imagine by Rubie's Star Wars Dress-Up Trunk Set

Everyone loves Star Wars, from the youngest child to the oldest woman. Well, maybe not everyone. But there are still a ton of fans out there, especially kids. If your group of little devils loves the iconic trios from Star Wars then they will be more than happy to dress up as them. You can even pick and choose from the Light and Dark sides.

25. Star Wars Bounty Hunters

Imagine by Rubie's Star Wars Bounty Hunter Dress Up Trunk Set As Shown Small

There are so many great characters in Star Wars, that it can be hard to choose which Star Wars-inspired trio Halloween costumes to get. I think the best idea is to ask your kid which character is their favorite. If that happens to be this iconic trio of bounty hunters, then all the better. Your kids will become the most badass bounty hunters in the neighborhood.

26. Spiderman Trio Halloween Costumes

Rubie's Imagine Amazon Exclusive 19-Piece Spider-Man Dress-Up Trunk, Small

I remember when I was growing up, Spiderman was my favorite superhero. Do your kids look up to him as well? Let me guess, all three want to be Spiderman? This Spiderman trio Halloween costume is made up of Peter Parker, Miles Morales, and Venom which are the best characters in Spiderman.

27. Among Us Group Halloween Costumes

Astronaut Game Jumpsuit Halloween Novelty Bodysuit Set Cosplay Costume For Boy Girl...

You know that astronaut game your kids have been playing non-stop? Yeah, they can dress up as the characters now. It would be really fun to see them take their favorite game and play it in the real world. With this iconic costume, they will surely be the envy of the whole school.

28. Play Dress Set

Girls Dress up Trunk Princess Set, Jeowoqao 24 PCS Pretend Play Costume Set,...

Not every kid has a favorite character, and that's alright. Sometimes they may want to simply dress as a fairy, witch, or unicorn. If you have little kids who are into magic, then a set of trio girls Halloween costumes will make sure everyone gets to dress up in what they want.

29. Unicorn Dress Set

Jeowoqao Girls Princess Dress up Trunk Set 19 Pcs, Rainbow Unicorn Costume Set,...

If your little girls know what they want to dress up as and if that happens to be fairy unicorns, then you can't go wrong with this set. This Halloween dress set will satisfy your little devils at least until next Halloween when they will want to dress up as something else entirely.

30. Superhero, Astronaut, Football Player

Boys Dress up Trunk Costumes Set, Jeowoqao Kids Dress up Clothes Set Boys Role Play...

It's well known that all kids are different. So not every child will like magical fairy unicorns and not every child will have a favorite superhero. Some would prefer to be their own Superhero or astronaut or even football player. Whatever your kid wants to be when they grow up, they will have a chance to express that.


There are so many characters and choices for Halloween costumes and unfortunately, we can’t cover all of them. But those we did are sure to make any grown adult or kid happy. After all, people are different and love different characters, your kid might not like Superheroes but they might be into video games. There are a ton of Fortnite Halloween costumes, as well as other famous titles to draw inspiration from. You can even mix and match costumes and toys to get a more authentic look. 

Halloween is a time where everyone can have fun dressing up, from grown adults to young children. It's the perfect time to let your inner kid shine and to take a break from daily life. So go, pick your favorite costume, gather your best friends and go have fun.

Best Selling Trio Halloween Costumes

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