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Easy Clown Makeup Ideas For Halloween 2024

You might want to shrug off the idea of clown makeup when you first hear it. After all, clowns aren’t associated with being sexy, right? But allow me to try and convince you otherwise. Clowns can be cute, and they sure as hell can be sexy. Just think about Harley Quinn or Heath Ledger’s Joker (or is that just me?) Clowns also allow for a lot of creativity and experimentation when it comes to makeup – you can use glitter, fake lashes, and tons of bright colors. 

Clown makeup can be scary as well. In fact, it’s curious how the cute clown became such a popular horror trope. The clown dates all the way back to ancient Greek times. Of course, back then, it wasn’t called a ’clown’ just yet. Instead, this character was referred to as the ’rustic fool,’ whose primary role was to tell rude jokes and mock the wealthy part of the audience. 

Another famous clown from the past is the harlequin. This brightly-dressed dexterous jester was there to amuse royalty and sometimes appeared in theatre shows, where they wore colorful masks and assumed the role of tricksters. In the middle of the 19th century, jesters and harlequins evolved to be fun and ditched their mischievous side. Their positive reputation had a lot to do with their primary target audience – children. A couple of decades later, circus clowns became hugely popular, and as humor evolved, they performed mainly for children. 

Science has a very simple explanation behind why we are afraid of clowns. You have probably heard people refer to certain things as ’uncanny valley.’ Our brains are actually so advanced, they can spot irregularities almost subconsciously. So when we see a clown’s face, we instantly spot the exaggerated features, and think “something’s off there.” For some, these features seem silly, but for others, they can be horrifying. Mix that with the clown’s trickster reputation and a few scary pop culture tаkes on them, and you’ll begin to understand why they are so frightening. 

Whether you decide to go as a cute, sexy, or scary clown, you might be wondering how to do clown makeup for Halloween. Don't worry, we’ve got you covered – we have prepared clown makeup tutorials, a few killer clown makeup kits, and a little bit of inspiration from the most famous pop culture clowns! Let’s get started!

The Most Famous Clowns & Their Signature Makeup

History knows of a few terrifying clowns. You can recognize them instantly, not just exclusively because they’re part of our pop culture, but also because they can scare the bejesus out of us. They are terrifying, their makeup is instantly recognizable, and with that, they make a fantastic makeup choice for Halloween. Here are a few examples I’m sure you’ll recognize:




IT’s signature clown has a simple and horrifying makeup look that you can easily replicate. Stephen King’s Pennywise from the 2017 film “IT” has some of the most original evil clown makeup. The two vertical red lines, the white face, and the sickly-yellow eye lens are signature elements from the look, which you can imitate or include in your clown’s Halloween makeup. Don’t forget to grab a red balloon to complete the look. 

The Joker

The Joker


Another scary clown gone psycho is the Joker. Here you have a variation of options. You can go for Heath Ledger’s Joker and go crazy messy. Use three simple colors – white, red, and black and make sure everything is smudged as best as possible. Don’t go for a perfect look. You can also choose Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and add some diamond shapes around your eyes. It wouldn't be a finished Joker look without the green hair! Grab yourself some hair spray and go wild!

Krusty the Clown

Krusty the Clown


Krusty The Clown from the famous TV show The Simpsons doesn’t have many stand-alone features to replicate the look easily, mainly because he is an animated character. You can find a nice bowtie if you’re looking for a cute accessory, though! Of course, if you're trying to find a gruesome and scary addition to your outfit, the bald head and blue hair on either side will contribute nicely to your creepy Halloween clown makeup.

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald


I don’t know about you, but hardly anything creeps me out quite like the clown mascot of McDonald’s. I\m not the only one, right? In fact, I have included a fantastic deranged Ronald McDonald clown makeup tutorial, so if you’re wondering how to do scary clown makeup for Halloween, you’ll love the video! I guess I’m not the only one terrified by this clown. Whew.

Wrinkles the Clown

Wrinkles the Clown


Scary rating – five out of five stars. If you want to go extra freaky for Halloween, go for Wrinkles the Clown. You can easily replicate his distinctive clown mask, and the best part is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. The more disturbing it looks, the closer you are to the real thing. You can also grab some black eye lenses. They’ll make your eyes look more prominent than usual and are an excellent feature if you want to look like the saddest clown this Halloween. 

Clown Makeup Tutorials

Stop guessing how to do clown makeup for Halloween. These five fantastic clown makeup tutorials will help you get creative, no matter your level of artistic skill. We have included some Halloween clown makeup ideas for men as well, so don’t worry, guys, you won't be missing out. Whether you want to go as a scary clown or a cute clown, you’ll find something to your liking below!

1. IT Movie Halloween Makeup Tutorial by RhiannonClaire

The most recognizable scary clown has to be Pennywise. YouTuber Rhiannon Claire shares her easy IT clown makeup, and don’t worry,  you don’t need a professional clown makeup kit to follow her guide. All you need is your own set of makeup, and you’ll be able to copy her steps. This is an easy guide for beginners,  so I recommend you give it a try if you haven't done Halloween makeup before.

2. Deranged Ronald McDonald Clown Halloween Makeup by Dehsonae

I told you I wasn’t the only one that finds Ronald McDonald creepy. This girl’s clown makeup is next level and requires a few key ingredients – a red curly wig, a red-eye lens, and a professional makeup kit. Don’t worry, Dehsonae explains everything you need to do to look as deranged as possible. She also includes all the makeup and supplies you’ll need to create this scary clown makeup. 

3. Candy Clown Makeup Transformation By Andy Rae

Let’s give the scary clown makeup a pause and take a look at some cute girly clown makeup. The makeup here isn’t difficult to replicate at all. The wig, on the other hand, is the real winner. Before you start guessing, no, it’s not made of authentic cotton candy. It’s actually hairsprayed wool! Don’t worry, Andy Rae explains precisely how she made it in her video description. Otherwise, the makeup is pretty straightforward, and did I mention super cute?

4. Creepy Colorful  Clown By Wesley Benjamin Carter

It would be a shame to leave the guys out of all this fun. Creepy clown makeup for men is easy to find, but cool clown makeup for men is rare! So when I saw this creepy colorful clown makeup by Wesley Benjamin Carter, I simply couldn’t keep scrolling. Not to mention it’s super easy to do. Wesley explains every little detail from his makeup application, including the brushes he uses, so even if you’ve never touched an eye pencil before, you’ll be in good hands. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two. His amazing hair painting technique is also genius!

5. Cute Halloween Clown Makeup Tutorial By Minsooky

Don’t be afraid to get super creative with your Halloween clown makeup. Putting on clown makeup doesn’t have to be any different from your usual makeup routine. This pastel clown makeup is subtle and detailed at the same time. All the glitter lovers out there will be thrilled to hear that, yes, you get to sparkle things up! This unique take on clown makeup features shironuri – a Japanese face makeup technique. It’s one of the best tutorials I have seen so far, so make sure to give it a watch!

Top 5 Clown Makeup Kits

Some of you might not feel like using their everyday makeup kit, especially knowing how expensive makeup is nowadays. You’ll be glad to know you can still create convincing clown makeup with a cheap kit as well. Here’s a pro tip – using the right size brush can make all the difference! Some makeup kits featured below include brushes, but you can always use your own and clean them up with some makeup remover later. Here are the top 5 affordable killer clown makeup kits:

1. Graftobian Chaos Clown Makeup Kit

  • Kit Contains: Clown Color Theatrical Makeup Wheel: Clown White Cream, Black, Red, Blue, and Yellow Professional Theatrical Creme Makeup, 1/4 oz....
  • The Perfect Clown Halloween Makeup Kit - Perfect your Halloween Costume with this complete makeup kit - Create a Menacing Villian with ease.
  • 2 Full Color Step By Step Instructions - Two Kits in One - Follow the new Chaos Clown Instructions to create a menacing super villain. Follow the...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This kit is perfect for those of you who love the Joker and want to embody his character this Halloween. Not only does it include all the face paint and line pencil you’ll need for the look, and it also features a hair coloring stick in Irish green and a bright red clown nose!

2. Rubies Deluxe Clown Make-Up Kit

  • 8 Color water based makeup palette, 1 large tube of clown white and applicators
  • Great for Halloween, party time, play time or any time
  • Includes a classic red clown nose

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

We’re all familiar with Rubie’s makeup kits. They’re cheap, easy to take off, and great for one-time use. If you’re looking for a clown makeup kit for your Derange Ronald McDonald look, this will be a great affordable choice. It comes with an 8-color palette, a few crayons, a sponge, and, of course – the classic red clown nose. This kit is the perfect starter for anyone who hasn’t done costume makeup before!

 3. Evil Clown Halloween Makeup Kit

If you’re looking for a scary clown makeup kit, this Mehron Halloween makeup kit is a perfect choice, especially for those looking to recreate the Pennywise look. It has everything you need to turn into Stephen King’s disturbing villain – a skin primer, setting primer, makeup, brushes, and a set of instructions. Still, I doubt you’ll need instructions after watching Rhiannon Claire’s makeup tutorial. Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself, so feel free to experiment. You can do pretty much anything with this amazing set of makeup!

4. CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil 12 Colors

  • WHAT WILL U GET - 12 premium vibrant colors Face Paint that are vivid and striking,with a great colors selection,including Pearl Gold + Pearl...
  • CREAMY OIL BASED FACE PAINTING PALETTE - As with any professional oil-based cream makeup, NOT water-activited painting, it may take sometime to...
  • HIGH PIGMENTED & WATERPROOF - All the colors are excellent full coverage with flawless,highly pigment and waterproof,sweat-proof on skin. As with any...

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

I wholeheartedly recommend the CCbeauty Professional Face Paint Oil with 12 colors if you’re going for the Creepy Colorful Clown by Wesley Benjamin Carter. It’s equipped with a great variety of colors, and it includes gold and silver paint. The best thing about this paint is that you can mix the colors and create tons of different shades. Just grab a plate (yes, your regular eating plate) and dab some colors on there. Stir a little, and voila – you’ve got yourself a palette. The set also comes with six different size brushes, so you’ll be ready to apply the makeup the moment you unpack the box!

5. Fun World Killer Clown Make up Kit

  • Clown Make up Kit
  • Easy Application

Last update on 2024-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’re looking for an evil clown makeup kit, the Fun World Killer Clown makeup kit is the perfect solution. It’s a great clown makeup kit for the Deranged McDonald look as well – with the set of fake teeth and fake blood, you can easily scare the life out of someone. Like most clown makeup kits, this one also comes with a red clown nose, but this one gets you a bit of liquid latex to play around with as well! 

Before you start trick or treating…

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I hope you enjoyed this clown makeup guide! I wish you a fang-tastic Halloween night!

Best Selling Clown Makeup Kits

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