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Easy Scarecrow Makeup For Procrastinators – Halloween 2021 Edition

Before we know it, we’re all caught up by Spooky season. Invitations for parties start raining in, festive decorations pop up in local shops, and we add pumpkin carving to our calendars. I don’t know about you, but I’ll confess: I know I can often be a little late on my Halloween preparations. If you’re like me and you tend to procrastinate, you probably start wondering if your last-minute purchases are going to arrive on time. That’s why over the years, I have become a master of last-minute Halloween makeup. 

My number one rule is go simple. Now is not the time for advanced cosplay and expensive outfits. We need to make the most of the time we have, so hear me out. Halloween scarecrow makeup! Simple, yet genius, right? Well, you probably have tons of questions, like how to do scarecrow makeup or why scarecrows specifically. 

Relax. We’ve prepared a step-by-step scarecrow makeup guide, as well as ten excellent DIY scarecrow makeup tips and tutorials. By the end of this article, you’ll become the most convincing scarecrow. No one will even guess that this was a last-minute costume idea!

Why Scarecrows?

It’s simple – scarecrows are extremely easy to recreate. You can turn into a scarecrow in less than 15 minutes, and it won’t cost you a fortune like most Halloween costumes. That’s because some of the most uncomplicated variations of scarecrow makeup can be achieved using your makeup kit. Yes, really! 

Scarecrow makeup also allows for tons of variation. If you don’t want to go as a scary scarecrow, there are plenty of tutorials on our list for cute and glam scarecrow makeup. 

We also have a few scarecrow tutorials for men! Why should guys have to miss out on this easy-peasy Halloween makeup solution? If you’re a guy and makeup isn’t your forte, grab a sister, best friend, or girlfriend and ask them to do the makeover for you.

But how did scarecrows become an inspiration for Halloween costumes? Well, scarecrows have been walking hand in hand with Halloween for hundreds of years, and more specifically, the month of October. Harvest festival falls on the 3rd of October this year, and it is traditionally considered the start of the autumn season. But the scarecrow itself goes back thousands of years. 

As long as people have been growing crops, birds have always attempted to destroy and devour whatever food they can find. The Egyptians built nets to scare quails away, Native Americans came up with their own “bird scarers,” which they erected on platforms in their fields, all in the hopes to protect their harvest. 

The ancient Greeks had a slightly different approach – they’d carve statues of Gods they thought were ugly, which they firmly believed would scare the birds away. The Japanese had their own version of scarecrows, called “the Kakashi.” They would place rags and bells on a stick, hoping the horrible sounds would drive away any pests. 

The British had another efficient method. They would use real-life scarecrows – children and have them running around the fields, making a racket, which kept animals at bay. Unfortunately, as the great plague hit and reduced the population drastically, these children had to be replaced with stuffed scarecrows instead of actual people. 

Shortly after, the scarecrows found their way to the US and, in the 20th century, made their way into pop culture. You probably know of the famous comic book Scarecrow – one of the more underestimated Batman villains who made his debut in 1941. It was quickly forgotten, and it wasn’t until 20 years later that it showed up again. As Scarecrow made its way into DC comics, it eventually appeared in the first Nolan Batman movie. 

Another famous scarecrow is Jack Pumpkinhead. You know him from the Wizard of Oz original books where he has a large Jack-o-lantern head, and his body is made of twigs and wooden pegs. 

Since then, many creepy scarecrows have made their way into film culture. Slasher films like Dark Harvest (2004), The Scarecrow (2013), and Husk (2011) might be an exciting choice for a terrifying Halloween movie night. 

Nowadays, it’s natural for us to associate scarecrows with Halloween, but who would have guessed they have been around for so long! Now that you’re well-acquainted with their history, it’s time to get into some full-on makeup extravaganza!

Scarecrow Makeup Tutorials

1. Easy Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial by Suezochan

This is the perfect introductory tutorial for any gal wondering if scarecrow becomes her! I recommend you start by selecting a wig. A two-tone wig will be perfect for this look, just like it’s shown in the video. You can experiment with the colors, but the best tip I can give you is to match the wig to your existing eyeshadow palette. That way, you won’t have to spend extra on eyeshadow to match the wig!

2. Quick and Girly Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Hannah Belle

In case you don’t want to spend anything on a wig, you can go for this quick and easy girly scarecrow makeup tutorial. It’s pretty straightforward; all you need is your personal makeup kit. Apply some autumnal colors like orange and yellow eyeshadow. You can also use it as a blusher. The sky is your limit! Your eyeliner can make an excellent paintbrush, too. Draw some fake stitches over your mouth and neck. A pair of fake eyelashes will give you a more animated look and fit very nicely with this type of costume. 

3. Pretty Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Madalyn Cline

If you want to come out as a gothic-looking scarecrow, this makeup tutorial is perfect for you. You’ll need some matte dark lipstick to complete the look. Otherwise, the same rules apply – autumnal colors, eyeliner, and a nice hat to create a finished look. 

4. Creepy Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Chloe Morello

Let’s slowly move on from cute and say hello to creepy! If you’re after scary scarecrow makeup ideas, this frightening yet straightforward tutorial can give people an honest scare! It really looks like she has a mouth of straw, doesn’t she! She uses rabbit and hamster bedding straw, actually! The messy eyebrows are a great detail also.

5. Advanced Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Lady Paradoxx

Step up the game and go for a terrifying scarecrow makeup tutorial! If you’ve got a bit more time and money on your hands, you can learn a thing or two from LadyParadoxx. You’ll find yourself completely transformed if you decide to go for this tutorial!

6. Men’s Scarecrow Makeup by Desi Perkins

Here’s a very impressive scarecrow tutorial for men! This Halloween scarecrow tutorial combines zombie and scarecrow for an amazingly harrowing look! Desi Perkins also does a great job listing all the makeup she uses in the video's description, so you won’t miss a product if you want to recreate the look step-by-step. 

7. Scary Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial and Costume DIY By Madalyn Cline

This scarecrow tutorial really reminds me of Batman’s Scarecrow character. Madalyn Cline darkens her face and puts quite a lot of paint on and black eye lens, but I personally think you can go without. The mask and costume are unique and do a great job at covering your entire face. In my opinion, this is the most true-to-life scarecrow so far!

8. Glam Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Victoria Davette

Let’s take a break from the scary scarecrows with this glamorous scarecrow makeup tutorial. Victoria Davette adds an incredible sunflower detail to her look and some sparkly glitter. The ruff around her neck is also super easy to make! You need yellow tissue paper, which you can cut up with a pair of scissors and connect at the back like a necklace. 

9. Sightless Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Spirit Halloween

This sightless scarecrow takes less than five minutes to make. All you need to do is apply the eyepatch available from the link in the description. You can use some fake blood to make the scarecrow even more gruesome. Don a straw hat, and you’re ready to conquer Halloween!

10. Advanced Men’s Scarecrow Makeup Tutorial By Alex Faction

We finish our list of tutorials with an advanced men’s scarecrow makeup tutorial! This is an advanced tutorial using body paint to create realistic shading. If you’ve got a knack for art and painting, you’ll love experimenting with this DIY scarecrow makeup!

Easy Scarecrow Makeup Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a cute scarecrow look is easier than you might think. You can either grab one of the affordable makeup sets below or use some of your own makeup. If you want to follow the step-by-step scarecrow makeup guide with your own makeup, make sure you have:

  • Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • Blusher
  • Eyeshadow Palette with Autumnal Colors 
  • Mascara or Fake Eyelashes
  • Lipstick
  • Clear Brow Gel

Step 1 

Apply the blusher on your cheeks where you usually blush naturally. Add another triangular shape to your nose. If you want a more cartoony look, you can even use your lipstick to create circles on your cheeks and a triangle on your nose. 

Step 2 

Make your eyes pop by applying some autumnal eyeshadow. You can blend and have fun here – use multiple colors if you like. 

Step 3

Line your eyes with some liquid eyeshadow. Go for a cat-eye by winging the eyeliner. You can use the eyeliner to create fake stitches across your face and neck, too. Using the same liquid eyeliner, create an outline on your nose to make it more noticeable. 

Step 4

Most cute scarecrow makeup features BIG eyelashes. You can either grab a set of fake ones or double on your mascara layers. Wait for the first layer to dry for a few minutes and go over it a second time. 

Step 5

Next on the list is the mouth. You can experiment a lot here. You can either go for a black matte lipstick for a gothic look or a bright one to match your eyeshadow. Whichever one you choose, don't forget to outline your mouth. Using black eyeliner, extend the corners of your mouths with two horizontal lines that stop halfway through your cheeks. Add some vertical stripes to create fake stitches, and your scarecrow mouth is ready. 

Step 6

Grab that liquid eyebrow gel and go crazy with your eyebrows! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a scarecrow with tidy brows. Go opposite your natural hair direction to make your eyebrows look messy. 

That’s it! Make sure you’ve got your straw hat, and you’re ready to start trick or treating or partying! 

Scarecrow Makeup Kits for Your Perfect Halloween Look

In case you want to go crazy with your scarecrow makeup, but you don’t want to use your expensive collection of eyeshadows and lipsticks, I can wholeheartedly recommend you get yourself a Halloween makeup kit to use instead!

1. Kangaroo Super Jumbo Value Deluxe Family Makeup Kit; Halloween Makeup

  • Value Family Pack - Name it, and you can make it because this Halloween makeup kit for adults, kids includes 12 Face Paints, five color pencils, scar,...
  • Safe & Skin Friendly - Kangaroo's make up Halloween is composed of skin-friendly, non-toxic ingredients that are safe to apply to the face of adults...
  • Costume Makeup Kit - Use Kangaroo's face paint kit to create the scariest look of all this Halloween as a zombie makeup kit, clown makeup kit, vampire...

Last update on 2024-05-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This affordable makeup kit has everything you need, from glitter gel to fake skin. You also get a tooth blackout, fake blood, and a palette with 12 colors. This set is excellent to use if you’re going with your entire family or with a group of friends, and it costs next to nothing. 

2. CCBeauty Professional Face Body Paint Oil 12 Colors Halloween Art Party

3,964 Reviews

Last update on 2024-05-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you're looking for an autumnal set of colors, the CC Beauty Professional Face and Body paint includes 12 unique colors to choose from, including gold and silver.  The set also features ten paintbrushes, so you can be as accurate as possible when applying your makeup. 

3. Mehron Makeup 5 Color Bruise Wheel for Special Effects, Movies, Halloween

  • 5 COLORS: Mehron's professional 5-Color Bruise wheel is the perfect palette to create authentic looking bruises for any occasion. This is a richly...
  • MULTI PURPOSE USE: Mehron’s ProColoRing Bruise wheel is multipurpose and versatile. It’s perfect for: SFX makeup, fake wound makeup, monster...
  • HOW TO USE: Begin with the bright red shade to create a fresh bruise. Add maroon and dark blue to create an older bruise. The yellow and green shades...

Last update on 2024-05-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Is your scarecrow cruisin’ for a bruisin’? This 5 color bruise wheel is perfect for creating the most realistic bruises! It is a professional brand used for SFX makeup, and it’s vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free!

Are you looking for more spooky ideas?

We’ve got plenty. Let me point you in the right direction. 

In case you need more easy-to-do makeup ideas, here’s a couple:

Clown makeup tutorial – a simple classic for anyone that wants to go silly this Halloween. Pair the makeup with a funny Halloween costume from our list, and you’ve got yourself a banging outfit!

Fox eye makeup – not everyone’s into scary or funny costumes. So if you’re one to put on a sexy Halloween costume this October 31st, you might want to match it with the right kind of fox eye makeup. 

Of course, some of us are neither here nor there. I recommend grabbing an inflatable Halloween costume for those who find Halloween a fuss and just want to go simple. That way, you don’t have to do makeup, look for a wig or the right pair of shoes. It takes 30 seconds to blow up, and it’s hilarious!  

And those into games will find that the right kind of Fortnite Halloween costume suits them the best. You can also use it at conventions or cosplaying at any point of the year! But I understand not everyone is into Fortnite, so if you want something more obvious, you can find a pop culture Halloween costume from our list! 

Whatever you choose, I’m sure you’ll look amazing in your costume this year! I wish you a haunted Halloween! May your Jack-o-lanterns burn bright! 

Best Selling Scarecrow Makeup

Last update on 2024-05-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

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